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What is the PuP Program?


The Parents Under Pressure (PuP) program combines psychological principles relating to parenting, child behavior and parental emotion regulation within a case management model. The program is home-based and designed for families in which there are many difficult life circumstances that impact on family functioning. Such problems may include depression and anxiety, substance misuse, family conflict and severe financial stress. The program is highly individualized to suit each family. Parents are given their own Parent Workbook. For many parents, this becomes a personal journal of their treatment experience.


The overarching aim of the PuP program is to help parents facing adversity develop positive and secure relationships with their children. Within this strength-based approach, the family environment becomes more nurturing and less conflictual and both parents and children learn to self regulate their behavior. 

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The Research Team

Professor Sharon Dawe and Dr Paul Harnett have been working with students and fellow researchers for over 15 years on the development of the PuP Framework. We have published a number of studies on the efficacy of PuP and on related issues (see Publications).

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Latest News

  • New Online Resources

    The PuP Team have been revising the PuP program. Modules have been renamed and reordered to better reflect the underlying Integrated Theoretical Framework. We have revised many exercises, with a renewed focus on addressing trauma in parents and carers and on supporting the development of self-regulation in children. Importantly we have turned many into online worksheets that can be downloaded and used in place of the Parents Workbook. We will be continuing to add to the pool of online worksheets.

  • PuP Webinar for Practitioners: 1st October 2020

    An update on the Parents under Pressure Program

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    We are delighted to present a free webinar to highlight updates to the Parents under Pressure program.
    This will include an overview of the Integrated Theoretical Framework with a focus on the following three themes:

    Child Developmental Outcome
    Supporting children to be the best that they can. We will discuss how the PuP program addresses underlying neurodevelopmental processes to enhance self-regulation in children.

    Parental emotional regulation in the context of chronic stress and early childhood trauma
    Understanding how adversity impacts on parental emotional regulation is a key to developing parental resourcefulness. We will discuss updates to The Parent Workbook (2020) that includes suggestions for assessment and exercises on understanding trauma responses and developing coping skills.

    Starting your PuP Journey: your own personal story
    We will discuss how The Parent Workbook (2020) now contains a series of questions and graphics to help understand the family’s story using a structured and strengths-based approach that aligns explicitly with a family-friendly version of the Integrated Theoretical Framework.
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  • New Online Training and Resources for PuP practitioners

    COVID-19 has provided the PuP Team with the opportunity to update our training and resources in light of social distancing restrictions.

  • PuP Training and Supervision Model 2020

    PuP Training and implementation support can now be delivered online using ZOOM. Each trainee is provided with their own ZOOM link. ZOOM is accessed from a computer with a camera, microphone and reliable internet connection. Breakout rooms are used to facilitate small group training.
    Full details, including a schedule of training, can be downloaded here

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