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Assessment and diagnosis of children aged 3-7 with prenatal alcohol exposure

Young children with confirmed prenatal alcohol exposure have many complex impairments that need careful assessment within a multidisciplinary team context. We have established one of the first Clinics for very young children (3 - 7 years) providing extensive assessment and support. Using the Australian Guide to FASD, we assess across ten domains of functioning, provide detailed reports to carers and schools and undertake liaise for further support.

Ongoing research is being carried out in the clinic to:

  • document the neurodevelopmental functioning of children aged 3-7 who potentially have FASD.
  • attempt to determine the relative contribution of in utero exposure to alcohol and early life trauma.
  • develop a conversational toolkit that provides educators with guidance on how to facilitate discussions with parents/carers about undergoing an FASD assessment (multimedia)
  • develop strategies to engage with carers and parents to help with supporting children in the home.