Becoming an accredited PuP Practitioner


Practitioners become Accredited PuP practitioners after

(i) attendance at the initial 2-days of training and the follow-up seminar days across 8 months

(ii) evidence of having delivered with PuP program with three families using the Online Toolkit

(iii) completion of a Case Study Workbook that guides the description of the use of the PuP program.

Micro credentialing: Griffith University provides participants with a Parents under Pressure Digital Badge. This provides a clear description of the content of the learning required for the professional development and can be displayed, accessed, verified and shared online.  

There is no additional cost associated with this microcredentialling.


PuP Practitioner resources

As an Accredited PuP practitioner, you have access to a suite of PuP resources to use within your work with families. This consists of the following

  • Practitioner Manual that provides a theoretical background to the Integrated Theoretical Framework and description of the delivery of the PuP program
  • Access to the PuP Online Toolkit. This provides resources on
    • Assessment and evaluation of change: standardised measures of family and child wellbeing are provided with automated scoring and a feedback report that provides information on interpretation and suggestions for the focus of the family support plan
    • All discussion topics and exercises from the Parent Workbook
    • Links to external resources to support work with families


If you would like to view the program modules

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