Module 4

Connecting With Your Child to Help Them Feel Loved and Safe

Module 4 is aimed at supporting the development of a nurturing and responsive parent-child relationship. Parents and carers are given opportunities to view their own parenting responses and those of their child to help develop a meaningful and loving connection. 

A caring and sensitive relationship with at least one primary care giver is one of the most important factors in ensuring positive outcomes for children (i.e., promote prosocial behaviour, interpersonal skills, high self-esteem, academic achievement etc). This relationship develops when parents are able to identify and respond appropriately to children's cues, and  structure their world to ensure developmental progress. The module, then, aims to identify specific techniques a parent can use to promote a nurturing and attuned relationship with their child.

Child-centred behaviours are most powerful when a parent learns to connect with their child; when they are genuinely pleased, interested, or proud of their child. Unfortunately, parents who are under a lot of stress may not experience these positive emotions often, or feel them inconsistently. Negative emotions (feeling frustrated, angry with the child) may overshadow the positive emotions. While it is unrealistic to eliminate all negative feelings, most parents accept that the child needs to experience something positive from their parents.

To facilitate a more attunded interaction with their children, this module applies the use of mindful parenting strategies to allow for greater connection and presence.