Module 7

How To Manage Emotions When Under Pressure: Increasing Mindful Awareness

Module 7 aims to support  parents to develop or enhance their emotional regulation skills, both in the context of parenting and in other areas of life.

The underpinning program logic of the PuP program is that the pressures parents face in their day-to-day lives impact on their ability to be effective in the parenting role. This module provides information on a range of strategies that help parents manage their emotions under pressure.

An important first step in emotional regulation is to recognise one's emotional state. A negative emotional mood state should be a signal to take some active steps to alter one's current emotional state. Therefore the module starts with discussion points around the recognition of emotional states.


There is an emphasis is on developing emotion regulation strategies including mindfulness-based techniques, controlled breathing, muscular relaxation training, use of imagery, and other self-soothing activities. 

Promoting a healthy diet and regular physical exercise is an important factor in enhancing emotional well-being more generally. Encouragement is given to identify lifestyle factors that can realistically be incorporated into a family's life.