Module 3

View Of Self as a Parent

Module 3 aims to help parents reflect on their view of themselves as parents, increasing parental competence and self belief. 

Many parents who are in contact with child protection agencies or drug and alcohol services have experienced feelings of shame and stigma. Bringing about a shift in this negative view of self as a parent requires time and support.

The module includes discussion points that encourage parents to reflect on what is an "ideal parent" and consider some of their own strengths as a parent. 

Parents who have suffered adversity during childhood (abuse and neglect) are often very clear that they do not want their child to have a similar childhood but may not be able to provide alternative models of parenting.  This module encourages parents to consider the impact of childhood adversity on their current parenting and to consider alternative strategies.

In addition to the specific discussion points in this module, realistic goals are identified and worked towards throughout the PuP program. Part of the therapeutic process is to acknowledge that each step towards goal attainment provides evidence that the parent has the strength to make meaningful changes.