Module 12


Module 12 addresses issues around communication skills and other problems in adult relationships. This module is used when the parent would benefit from learning how to communicate effectively with their partner or when their relationship is experiencing difficulties.

Having a supportive and responsible partner is a major factor contributing to success in parenting. On the other hand, an erratic, demanding or violent partner, or a partner who is still using substances detracts considerably from a person's ability to parent. Improving relationships for distressed parents is an important goal.

However, it is probably unrealistic to believe that all relationships can be improved. For some parents the goal of this unit may be:

  • to leave a destructive relationship,
  • to use the skills learnt in other modules within the PuP program to learn to tolerate a partner's erratic or demanding behaviour,
  • to learn to say "no" when invited by their partner to use drugs.